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Experience the thrill of a rollercoaster and the excitement of a state of the art laser-blasting game all at once at 7D Experience! A massive movie screen and the newest 3D technology keeps rider’s senses reeling as they ride, blast and compete their way into another dimension. Compete with other thrill-seakers in a variety of scenarios: defeat menacing robots of the wild west, battle ghoulies in a haunted goldmine, go on a swashbuckling pirate adventure or experience a terrifying zombie apocalypse. Ride, blast, compete at the one and only 7D Experience!¬†Great for individuals or groups of all ages and sizes. Theater holds 20 people per show.

New! 7D Experience’s LaZer Challenge
Imagine yourself standing in a room filled with webs of laser beams. Imagine a crowd of people outside watching, waiting for you to succeed or fail. The clock is ticking and it’s your mission to climb over, under and inbetween all the beams without touching a single one. As your time is speeding away, you must make it safely to one side, press a button, and then watch as they all reconfigure into a new puzzle of physical and mental challenge. Can you complete your mission and win the Top Score? Find out at 7D’s LaZer Challenge!

7D Experience is bringing fear to The PIER this Halloween! Learn more here.

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