PIER 39 Group Performance Program

We love hosting a diverse lineup of entertainment so we encourage you to take a second to tell us a little about your performance group by filling out the Group Performance Inquiry Form below. Inquiries must be submitted at least two months prior to desired performance date and no more than six months from desired performance date. Should your group be selected, a member of the PIER 39 Events Department will contact you. No calls or emails please.

Guidelines & Requirements

  • Interested groups must apply through the application below no more than six (6) months prior to and no fewer than two (2) months from desired performance date.
  • Groups must provide a performance demo video or audio as part of the application process.
  • Purchase of PIER 39 Meal Vouchers is required for all performers. Meal Vouchers range in cost ($11, $15, $19 or $26/vouchers are available) and offer a variety of menu options. For every fifteen (15) performers, one (1) complimentary, equally-valued chaperon Meal Voucher will be provided.
  • Once your group receives approval, you will receive your PIER 39 Performance Agreement and PIER 39 Meal Voucher Order Form needed to perform at PIER 39.
  • All required paperwork (application, PIER 39 Performance Agreement, certificate of insurance and Meal Voucher Order Form) needs to be on record with PIER 39 L.P. a minimum of one (1) month prior to your performance date, unless otherwise agreed to by PIER 39 L.P. in writing. Prepayment of Meal Voucher order is required ten (10) business days prior to group’s performance date.
  • Groups may perform once per calendar year.
  • As your group will be part of PIER 39, we ask that you help maintain a family atmosphere throughout your performance. Consider your performers as ambassadors and select music which does not offend any race, creed, religion or culture. All song selections must be family-friendly and shall not include any profanity and/or any references to narcotics or any topic that could be deemed offensive. All music must be non-secular in nature.
  • Performances are limited to one hour in duration. Your group will have 15 minutes for setup and 15 minutes for breakdown at the performance location.
  • Performance groups utilizing standard passenger vehicles will receive up to two (2) complimentary parking validations for the PIER 39 Parking Garage (6’8” maximum height limit). Parking validations can be picked up upon check-in at PIER 39.
  • Collection of tips, distribution of materials and/or the sale of any merchandise is strictly prohibited at PIER 39.

Technical Guidelines

  • Due to space limitations, performance groups are limited to a maximum of forty (40) performers. The performance space is a 20’ x 20’ area located in the Entrance Plaza. A map will be sent to the group prior to the performance date outlining the performance space and check-in procedures. The group may not block access and egress to the property.
  • Dance groups are limited to a maximum of ten (10) performers dancing at any given time.
  • PIER 39 L.P. does not provide your performance group with amplified sound. Standard power outlets are provided for your group to plug into if you choose to bring your own sound system.
  • PIER 39 L.P. can provide a maximum of twenty (20) chairs (for performers only) due to space limitations.
  • No dressing rooms are available at PIER 39. Please come dressed and ready to perform.
  • Equipment can be unloaded and loaded from the PIER 39 Taxi Lane adjacent to the PIER 39 flags in the Entrance Plaza. Details regarding load-in and load-out will be sent to you prior to your performance.
  • If you are having equipment delivered before your performance, please list the name of the delivery company and the time of delivery on your PIER 39 Performance Agreement. A representative of the performance group must receive the delivery and must make sure the equipment is picked up prior to the end of the designated performance time slot.
  • PIER 39 safety guidelines require all cords to be taped down with duct tape to prevent tripping hazards.
  • No banners, A-Frames or other signage is permitted to be displayed on PIER 39 property unless your group has received prior, written consent from PIER 39 L.P.
  • Please ensure that your group is in place at the performance space at the proper time to make sure your performance starts on time. Group performance time slots are limited and cannot exceed the allotted time frame.
  • As a safety precaution, if it rains during your performance, your performance will be deemed canceled. PIER 39 L.P. will make all reasonable efforts to reschedule your group’s performance should it be rained out.