Product Sampling & Experiential Marketing

PIER 39 provides an ideal opportunity for clients to sample or demonstrate their new product or services. Branding and promotional activities at PIER 39 enable clients to interact with potential customers in a high-traffic location.

Sampling programs are customized to fit the needs of the client.

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Below are a few examples of successful promotions at PIER 39:


Dates of Promotion: August 10-11, 2016
Activation Location: Wyland Wall, PIER 39
Products Promoted: Sanpellegrino Beverages
Summary of Promotion: Sanpellegrino came to PIER 39’s Wyland Wall, located just outside of the PIER 39 Parking Garage. The activation featured two vending machines filled with new products for the enjoyment of PIER 39 visitors and passerby.
*Ideal location with high foot traffic
*Exposure for new products


Dates of Promotion: February 11-12, 2017
Activation Location: PIER 39 East Park
Products Promoted: Newly-opened Capital One Café (Denver) and financial services
Summary of Promotion: In celebration of the opening of the Capital One Café in Denver, the Capital One Roadshow was brought to PIER 39 East Park to empower people to feel confident in their relationship with money. Through a free 20-minute interactive immersion, Roadshow participants were able to uncover the financial behaviors that best matched their value system.
*Large activation footprint available to serve a high number of participants
*Exposure for new products
*Interactive kiosks for visitors to discover their financial behavior matches


Dates of Promotion: March 25, 2017
Activation Location:  Pier 41
Products Promoted: Enjoy Life Foods brand healthy snacks
Summary of Promotion: Visitors were able to try Enjoy Life Food samples including vegan cookies, crackers, chips and bars as well as find locations to purchase product. Due to the location of the promotion, Enjoy Life was able to promote to the numerous attraction-goers at both PIER 39 and Pier 41 including the Blue & Gold Fleet, Blazing Saddles bicyclists and those on foot.
*Easy to access location with high levels of foot traffic
*Promotion through e-blasts and social media
*Exposure for new products


Dates of Promotion: April 14, 18, 29 & May 3, 16, 31, 2017
Activation Location: PIER 39 Entrance Plaza
Products Promoted:  United Airlines tickets and Golden State Warriors playoff tickets
Summary of Promotion:
This exciting event featured “court-side” programming, branded premium items, and a special appearance by two members of the Golden State Warriors Dance Team. Visitors had the opportunity to enter to win United Airlines flight vouchers or Golden State Warriors home playoff tickets.
*Iconic location with plenty of foot traffic
*Diversity of space and flexibility of placement for fan promotion
*Promotion through e-blasts and social media


Dates of Promotion: July 7-9, 2017
Activation Location: PIER 39 Entrance Plaza
Products Promoted: Personalized Coca-Cola cans and various Coca-Cola brand flavors
Summary of Promotion: Coca-Cola returned to PIER 39 in a reboot of 2015’s popular “Share A Coke” tour with new names and approval privileges added. Visitors were able to leave the activation with two personalized mini Coke or Coke Zero cans, pose for a photo in front of the “Share an Ice Cold Coke in San Francisco” (or California) banner, and taste test a multitude of Coca-Cola brand flavors.
*High interest event with a huge audience
*Promotion through e-blasts and social media
*Interactive kiosks for visitors to design their personalized cans of Coca-Cola


Dates of Promotion: September 6-7
Activation Location:  Old Center Stage, mid-pier at PIER 39
Products Promoted: Vacation options in Nevada
Summary of Promotion: Travel Nevada brought PIER 39 guests a two minute virtual reality experience to promote travel options in the neighboring state of Nevada. The VR experience promoted the state’s natural beauty and attractions beyond Las Vegas.
*High foot traffic area with dedicated traveller base
*Engagement and promotion with PIER 39 visitors
*Promotion through e-blasts and social media