Interior of Scentchips with rows of colorful scent chips


Building B, Level 2

Scentchips® are the original fragrance melt. Scentchips are hand made using only the finest ingredients, sourced in the U.S. Our product is environmentally friendly and is a safe and clean way to fragrance your home. We have 72 individual fragrance choices, and over 150 popular fragrance blends to choose from.

Scentchips® stand apart from other products by providing our customers the unique opportunity to create their own signature fragrance blends.

Proudly Handcrafted in Texas, Scentchips have been handmade since 1979. We take great pride in crafting beautiful aromas that stand apart from the average melt. Scentchips are made using the finest ingredients and our carefully crafted soy wax blend. Every batch is made with our customers in mind, to produce the consistent quality they expect. Our exclusive Create-a-Scent table concept allows for a unique custom blending fragrance experience.”