People enjoying 7D Experience at PIER 39 San Francisco

7D Ride Experience

PIER 39 Building M, Level 1 - The Flyer, San Francisco
Building M, Level 1
Lazer Maze Challenge The Flyer San Francisco
Laser Maze Challenge

Experience the thrill of a roller coaster combined with a laser-blasting challenge!

7D Ride Experience: On this interactive Dark Ride challenge, combat a range of enemies (werewolves, zombies, evil robots and more)! Combining 3D video, motion seats, special effects and blasters, this 7D video game experience is a virtual roller coaster unlike any other! You’ll be immersed in another dimension as you compete with other riders to take down a variety of virtual enemies!

Laser Maze Challenge: Imagine yourself standing in a room filled with laser beams. Imagine a crowd of people outside watching, waiting for you to succeed or fail. The clock is ticking and it’s your mission to climb over, under and in-between all the beams without touching a single one. As your time is speeding away, you must make it safely to one side, press a button, and then watch as they all reconfigure into a new puzzle of physical and mental challenge. Can you complete your mission and win the Top Score?

So whether it’s the Dark Ride or Laser Maze Challenge, visit 7D Ride Experience to complete your mission and win the Top Score!