Code of Conduct

Welcome to PIER 39. PIER 39 (the “Property” and/or “The PIER”) is committed to providing an enjoyable and safe experience for all guests while shopping, dining and enjoying entertainment. PIER 39 is private property and appropriate behavior is required at all times: right to pass by permission, and subject to control, of Owner: Section 1008, Civil Code applies at all times.

The rules set forth in this Code of Conduct (“Code”) will be in effect at all times while visiting The PIER and are subject to change. Please respect the following rules. Persons who refuse to comply with the Code will be asked to leave The PIER. Those who fail or refuse to leave after being asked based on violation of the Code may be subject to arrest.

1. Physically threatening any person, fighting, hitting, spitting, annoying others through noisy or boisterous activities, unnecessarily staring in an intimidating or lewd manner, stalking, or in any other way creating a disturbance which is disruptive or dangerous to other persons or any business activities on PIER 39 is prohibited.

2. Verbally threatening or harassing a person, using obscenities, or using sexually explicit language, obscene gestures, gesturing in a manner which is likely to provoke a disturbance or embroil groups or the general public in open conflict, or racial, religious or ethnic slurs which is likely to create a disturbance or which is disruptive or dangerous to others or the business activities at The PIER is prohibited. Further, yelling, screaming, singing loudly, playing musical instruments, radios, use any device or instrument or equipment for the reproduction or amplification of sound or otherwise creating noise that impinges on the hearing or peaceful of the general public beyond a reasonable radius is also prohibited.

3. Possessing any item that could be used as or appears to be a weapon, including, but not limited to, firearms, explosives, fireworks, clubs or sticks, chemical dispensing devices, knives with blades, or any other object(s) that may be used in any way to inflict bodily injury on another person, is prohibited.

4. Congregating or loitering is not prohibited. Unnecessarily blocking walkways, roadways or store fronts which hinders or interferes with the flow of other shoppers or obstructs entryways, walkways or entrances to businesses is prohibited. Assembling for the purpose of disturbing the public peace or committing any unlawful act or engaging in any offensive behavior is prohibited. Using The PIER as a place of slumber or temporary residence is prohibited.

5. Engaging in expressive activity not sponsored by The PIER and/or enterprise(s) engaged in business at The PIER, without complying with The PIER’s rules for such activity, is prohibited. This includes, without limitation, the solicitation of money or other contributions or donations, or distribution of commercial advertising or promotional material of any kind, or offering samples of items which are sold, available for sale or available in exchange for a donation or a contribution.

6. Visitors must be fully clothed, including shoes and shirts. Failure to be fully clothed (including wearing pants in a manner that exposes undergarments or skin to view) or wearing apparel which is likely to provoke a disturbance or embroil other groups or the general public in open conflict or is otherwise inappropriate in an environment like The PIER (such as clothing with obscenities, “fighting words”, gang symbols, sexually explicit language or displays pornographic images, grisly or gruesome material) is prohibited. Unless for religious or medical reasons, visitors may not wear any covering that fully or partially covers or obscures a person’s face. Clothing that PIER 39 construes as indecent, or exposes excessive portions of the skin, or that PIER 39 views as inappropriate, in its sole and absolute discretion, for a family environment, is prohibited.

7. Running, skating (including wheeled shoes), rollerblading, skateboarding, riding a bicycle, using a scooter, Hoverboard or Segway (except if designated and needed due to a disability as a mobility device), on all wooden decking areas of the Property is prohibited. Engaging in activities which unreasonably obstruct or interfere with the free flow of pedestrian traffic or with patrons’ view of tenant displays is also prohibited.

8. Creating litter, or throwing, discarding or deporting any paper, glass, or matter of any other kind, except in designated receptacles, is prohibited. Rummaging through or removing items from the trash receptacles or coin fountains is prohibited, as is urinating or defecating anywhere except in designated restrooms.

9. Defacing, damaging or destroying any real or personal property belonging to The PIER, its tenants or other persons, including writing, spraying, scratching or affixing decals, signs or other graffiti on such property, is prohibited.

10. Possessing open cans, bottles or other receptacles containing any alcoholic beverage, except in businesses licensed to serve alcoholic beverages, or possessing or using illegal substances or paraphernalia is prohibited.

11. Smoking of any kind on all wharfs, piers and docks, including but not limited to The PIER, is prohibited (SF PC Sec 55).

12. Taking photographs or videotape for commercial purposes without PIER 39’s consent is prohibited. Photographing or videotaping any individual or entity on PIER 39’s property without prior written consent of the subject or PIER 39’s management is prohibited. Note, however, that you or your likeness and voice may be captured as a part of The PIER’s or its production partners’ production activities. By entering into and onto The PIER and surrounding property you consent to PIER 39’s use of your actual or simulated likeness in connection with these productions for any exhibition thereof for any and all media throughout the world. We may photograph, film, videotape, record or otherwise reproduce your image and/or voice and use the same for any purpose without payment to your or any person. CCTV is in use on The PIER at all times.

13. Soliciting money or other contributions or donations, or selling admission tickets to any and all PIER 39 attractions (from any area that is not a designated ticket booth or sales office), or distributing commercial advertising or promotional material of any kind, or offering samples of items which are sold or available for sale outside of designated retail space is prohibited.

14. Sitting on floors, handrails, stairs, escalators, trash receptacles or other areas not specifically designated for seating is prohibited. Bicycles and scooters must be secured to approved racks provided by PIER 39. No occupied strollers or wheelchairs are allowed on escalators. PIER 39 is not responsible for any theft or damage to any personal property left unsupervised on the Property.

15. Please do not bring pets or other animals, with the exception of leashed service animals trained to provide assistance to guests with disabilities and/or in the company of persons claiming to be a trainer of a service animal, onto PIER 39 property.

16. Nighttime curfews (Police Code §539, unless accompanied by an adult after the hour of 12:00 AM), will be enforced.

17. Cruising or soliciting in vehicles or in PIER 39’s taxi zones, parking areas or garages is prohibited. Overnight parking without PIER 39’s prior written consent is prohibited.

18. Drones, sometimes referred to as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or other controlled flying devices are not permitted on or above the Property without PIER 39 management’s prior written consent. Noncompliance with current federal or state law with regard to drone use is strictly prohibited.

19. Any unauthorized water entry is prohibited. Noncompliance with boat or water safety is prohibited.

20. All bags, backpacks and purses are subject to inspection by PIER 39 security without advance notice and should not be left unattended.

21. Do not violate any federal, state, or local law, code, regulation or ordinance. Failure to comply with any posted rule, sign, warning or policy is prohibited. PIER 39 reserves the right not to serve any individual and to ask any individual(s) to leave the Property.

22. Commercial activity of any kind without a lease, license or other written authorization from PIER 39 is prohibited.

This Code of Conduct is subject to change at any time without notice. PIER 39 reserves the right to modify and/or add to this Code of Conduct. Guests who do not comply with this Code of Conduct will be asked to leave PIER 39 property and may be cited for trespass or violation of local, state or federal law and/or may be arrested by applicable law enforcement agencies.