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Laser Maze at 7D Experience

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DarkRide: Experience the thrill of a rollercoaster and the excitement of a state-of-the-art laser-blasting game at 7D Experience. A 20-seat theater, massive movie screen and the newest 3D technology will awaken your senses as you Ride, Blast and Compete your way through other dimensions!

Be sure to check out 7D’s newest DarkRide, “Road Fighters.” Resources are scarce and food is more valuable than gold in this dystopian future. Ride along with your roving band of survivors as you try and navigate a truck full of food back to your clan while battling off relentless forces or marauding road pirates! “Road Fighters” is 7D Experience’s most action-packed, high energy ride yet! It’s a true high-octane, power punch of adrenaline! Who will win the ultimate battle of survival?

Laser Maze Challenge: Put your agility, speed and confidence to the test as you navigate your way through a web of crisscrossing laser beams. Attempt this mission solo or work in tandem as you jump, crawl and stretch yourself to the limit to beat the clock and your friends. While you’re competing, onlookers will be watching you in action. It’s almost as fun to watch as it is to play!

Beam Busters: If you think you’ve mastered your Laser Maze skills and want to try something new, Beam Busters provides a new twist to the Laser Maze Challenge. Instead of carefully navigating the crisscrossing beams, you will be tasked with intentionally trying to break as many laser beams as you can in a specific amount of time. Sound easy? Well it’s not! You’ll be running, leaping and flailing around to beat the highest score!

So whether it’s the Dark Ride, Laser Maze Challenge or the new Beam Buster, visit 7D Experience to complete your mission and win the Top Score.

Open 10am-10pm, 365 days a year


Building M, Level 1