About PIER 39


PIER 39 is patrolled 24-hours by experienced security professionals to ensure the public’s safety. Trained as first responders, the PIER 39 security team is certified in First Aid, CPR, Automated External Defibrillator and State of California Guard Card Training. Working with Federal and City of San Francisco law enforcement and emergency services agencies, PIER 39 Security is well-versed in law enforcement techniques and a wide array of emergency response scenarios.

Accessibility at PIER 39

PIER 39 is an accessible facility. Access areas for individuals with disabilities include ramps and six elevators to the second level. TTY phones are available. Sign language interpreters for live performances can be provided upon request with two weeks notice. For more information call 415.705.5500 from Monday – Friday during normal business hours.

Monetary Services

Credit cards and travelers checks are honored throughout PIER 39.

ATMs (in English and Spanish) are conveniently located at two locations on The PIER, as well as the PIER 39 Parking Garage. The ATMs are linked to STAR & Cirrus ATM Networks. Click here for ATM locations.

The Change Group offers foreign currency exchange. Click here for more information.

Environmental Programs and Awards Garnered by PIER 39


PIER 39 is committed to the preservation and conservation of the San Francisco Bay’s natural environment by encouraging, creating and supporting ecological education, responsible consumption, development of renewable energy sources and addressing environmental issues. PIER 39’s recycling efforts help divert more than six million pounds of waste material from local landfills each year. Along with cardboard, mixed paper, plastic, glass and aluminum, PIER 39 offers an organic/wet garbage composting program for its full-service restaurants, resulting in more than two million pounds of food waste recycled annually. PIER 39 also recycles 100 percent of its landscaping waste. A portion of this recycled waste is returned as fully composted material and incorporated back into the soil. PIER 39 has incorporated the use of LED technology extensively in the area and architectural lighting around the PIER, contributing to reduced electrical use and resulting in significant savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

In recognition for its outstanding, wide-range recycling efforts, PIER 39 has received numerous awards, including the State of California’s Waste Reduction Program (WRAP) Award almost every year. PIER 39 was also the first organization in the country to receive ISO 9001-2015 certification.