Sea Lions on the dock of San Francisco Bay at PIER 39

How You Can Help

Help the Sea Lions from Home

The Marine Mammal Center has compiled a list of simple things you can do at home to make a difference. Adopting one or several of these activities can help protect our environment and the aquatic home of the California sea lions:

  • Eat fish that are recommended by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program.
  • Reduce the toxins you use on your lawn and garden, as these chemicals end up in our waterways
  • Bring your own reusable canvas or cotton shopping bags to carry your purchases
  • Reuse paper or plastic bags to help reduce trash
  • Dispose of fishing lines and lure properly to help keep them out of the oceans. Animals can mistake them for food or become entangled in them
  • If purchasing beverages attached with “six pack” plastic rings, cut the rings apart before throwing them away. Birds, fish and small animals can get caught in the rings
  • Volunteer
  • Learn MarineBio’s “101 Ways to Make a Difference

Help the Sea Lions by Volunteering

The Marine Mammal Center
The Marine Mammal Center currently has a volunteer force of over 1000 individuals throughout their 600 mile operating range. Volunteers are the lifeblood that help keep The Marine Mammal Center operating and running smoothly. The Marine Mammal Center is the biggest advocate of the California sea lions. There are several fields for which to help including animal care, “stranding” and education, as well as administration, facilities and retail. For some positions, volunteers must be at least 18 years of age, although there are youth volunteer programs available. For more information, visit their website.