Interior of Lola with unique San Francisco themed gifts


Building E, Level 1

Greeting cards and locally-made specialty gifts.

My Filipino grandmother, my LOLA, owned a little store in the Philippines, a tindahan. One of my favorite memories growing up was visiting my LOLA at her tindahan. My family moved to the United States to chase the American dream when I was in kindergarten. So when it was time for us to start our business in 2002, we already had the perfect name, LOLA.

LOLA means grandmother in the Philippines and is the perfect way to honor loving memories in this locally owned and operated Bay Area business. Seeing families shopping at LOLA reminds the proprietors of their own family vacations. They try to recreate the same unique experience of finding a special store that may be far from home but immediately reminds them of special people in their lives.  You’ll find something off-center but right at your heart, created by local designers.

LOLA looks forward to being a part of your memories at PIER 39.