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Chowders is a family owned business that celebrated 33 years of operating on PIER 39 in May of 2020.  We currently have 15 employees. Our General Manager has been with us for 13 years, as have several other members of our company. We are definitely a family at this point, which creates a strong team. As anyone who has been to Chowders on a busy Saturday knows, teamwork is essential to success!

I was excited to reopen in mid-June. I did a lot of research on how to reopen safely to keep our staff and guests protected and still be able to operate. Before rolling out the Health and Safety measures to our guests we needed to make sure our employees could handle the new safety measures. We had a masked staff meeting the Saturday before opening to emphasize the importance of staying masked and socially distanced throughout their shifts, as well as sanitizing all surfaces regularly. There was such enthusiasm as we scrubbed Chowders down to reopen. We all missed each other a lot during the 3 months of quarantine and it was great being together as a team once again.

The most beautiful part about reopening has been the outpouring of love from our customers. So many customers have stories of coming to Chowders over the years and enjoying food, views and family time. Our first weekend open, we had a family of 7 come in for lunch. The mom told me that as soon as she heard we were open, she packed up her family and the car and drove all the way from LA to San Francisco to support Chowders! I was so very grateful. Many locals and regulars are coming back again and again to support us, and we are so humbled and so thankful for their support.

As I said, I was excited to reopen, but my biggest concern was keeping our staff and our guests safe. I have been grateful to each of our guests wearing masks, sanitizing their hands and keeping six feet of distance from each other and us. We have been diligently sanitizing our surfaces in the restaurant and outside to keep customers safe and we are so thankful that they in turn are helping keep us safe as well.

Chowders has always been a special place for me. I was raised on The PIER my entire life with my family owning five restaurants at different points since the PIER opened. I couldn’t imagine not having Chowders in my life, and it is the support of all the locals and regulars that is keeping us alive during this really difficult time. The Chowders staff and I know how special Chowders is for us, but it has been so heartwarming to hear all the stories about Chowders from our guests on what a special place Chowders is for them as well. I just want all of our customers to know how much we appreciate their kind words and stories. That is what has made this reopening so beautiful for me and my team.

Thank you for coming out, thank you for supporting us and thank you for being safe!

Chowders features delicious homemade clam chowder served in a bread bowl and freshly breaded fish and chips.  It’s THE place you’ve heard about on The PIER.

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