Bucket of Trish's mini donuts

Trish’s Mini Donuts

Building B, Level 1

Trish’s Mini Donuts are warm, sugary and shareable treats made fresh before your eyes!

Hijacked from Trish Conklin’s family carnival business, these mini donuts have stolen the show at PIER 39 in San Francisco and routinely show up on many “Best Donuts in San Francisco” lists.

Buy ’em by the bag, buy ’em by the bucket, and now buy ’em by the tub!

Check out Trish’s Mini Donuts on ABC TV’s Localish program!


Trish Conklin is the owner of Trish’s Mini Donuts. Visitors from around the world line up to enjoy bags, buckets and even miniature bathtubs full of these delicious, one-of-a-kind “little morsels of heaven.” 25 years ago, Trish decided to open a mini donut shop at PIER 39 and the rest is history.

What did Trish do before opening her mini donut shop? She used to travel around North America with her family, who owned a carnival business! Trish grew up on the fairgrounds, went to carnival school and spent most of the year on the road. She described growing up on the road as “surreal and unbelievable.” While in college, Trish continued to help her family during the summer by driving amusement-ride big rigs, riding in her family’s own private railway car and working in games and carnival food stands.

After her father gave her brother the carnival business, Trish was free to create her own destiny. She took her mini donut recipe and hit the road to San Francisco. She opened on The PIER in 1994 and said, “Opening at The PIER was amazing and the best thing to ever happen to me.” Trish’s Mini Donuts is recognized by locals, travelers and routinely shows up on “Best Donut Shops” in San Francisco.